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corinthian adj
1 most ornate of the three orders of classical Greek architecture [ant: doric, ionic]
2 of or relating to or characteristic of Corinth or its inhabitants


1 a man devoted to the pursuit of pleasure [syn: playboy, man-about-town]
2 a resident of Corinth

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see corinthian



Co-rin*thi-an ko-RIN-thee-ahn


Corinth or Corinth(ia)+ -ian


  1. An inhabitant or a resident of Corinth, and its suburbs.
  2. An inhabitant, a resident of; a thing that originates from Corinthia
  3. A well-dressed nineteenth-century Englishman of high social standing and wealth who was a neck-or-nothing rider of fine horseflesh, an accurate shot with dueling pistols, a swordsman of distinction, and an amateur pugilist who had learned the art and science of boxing.


an inhabitant or a resident of Corinth
an inhabitant, a resident of; a thing that originates from Corinthia
a well-dressed nineteenth-century Englishman

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Corinthian refers originally to the port of Corinth in Greece
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